The Called to Action team helped guide the Inter-cultural Association of Greater Victoria in our Indigenous Journey project, which involved creating a five-year reconciliation action plan and providing training to all our staff. The process was very inclusive, and the team really set the tone for learning together collaboratively. As a result, our staff are better prepared to educate newcomers about colonization and to contribute within our organization to advance reconciliation and relationships with Indigenous peoples. We are grateful for the support, encouragement, and expertise of the Called to Action team.

– Jean McRae, CEO, Inter-cultural Association of Greater Victoria

Thank you for creating a circle of learning for us to share the truth and a pathway to continually work towards reconciliation. It was an unforgettable day and I feel inspired by all of you.

– Anonymous training participant

Your training was deeply moving and insightful. You said things I have never heard put quite so succinctly. You put people at ease because the words you spoke have transparency and truth. I feel uplifted and I am so very grateful.

– Anonymous training participant

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and giving us tools to talk about our past, present and future. Now it’s up to us to take what you have shared and do the work towards reconciliation.

– Anonymous training participant

I can’t thank you enough for holding a safe space to reflect on devastating truths and to promote a discussion that grew my sense of possibility and purpose. The discussion cultivated a feeling of courage to make meaningful changes. The day left me feeling motivated to continue a path of reconciliation. Thank you for this call to action.

– Anonymous training participant

What a unique and rare opportunity it is to work with such skilled and ethical practitioners who will support your team to walk in a good way. I trust in both the quality of the process and the product because this team knows the two cannot be separated! I hold my hands up to them and would look for every opportunity to work with them again.

– Tracy Black, Program Manager, Province of BC

We invite you to join us on this journey.