Reconciliation Planning and Action Services

We are passionate about working with organizations to promote systemic change that contributes to a better understanding of Indigenous peoples and promotes improved relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. The first step in reconciliation is truth-telling, but reconciliation does not end with learning the truth.

Our team will support your organization to plan and implement actions that promote reconciliation in respectful and effective ways. The specific actions depend on the needs of your group.

The timing and costs will depend on the size and nature of your organization. Below is an approximate range of prices based on the length and scope of your organization’s project. Exact pricing will be determined through consultation with your organization about your needs.

Reconcili’action services and planning should be undertaken with staff and or board members that have a base of knowledge. We often recommend combining reconciliation learning with planning and action.

Some common examples of reconciliation planning and action services include:

Training plans

Our specialized educators work with your group to conduct a learning needs assessment, which helps to uncover the learning goals, priorities, and knowledge gaps of your group. Based on this assessment, we work with your group to develop a long-term training plan.

Statement of commitment

We work with your group to develop a succinct “statement of commitment” that expresses your group’s intentions and values related to Indigenous peoples. This commitment can be used to educate staff, ground relationships with Indigenous partners in shared understanding, and inform the public of how you work with Indigenous peoples.

Territorial acknowledgement

Territorial acknowledgements are an important part of showing respect for Indigenous peoples. We will work with your group to develop a territorial acknowledgement that fits your geographic area and speaks to your commitments to work with Indigenous people in a good way. In some cases, this requires consultation with local Nations and Indigenous organizations. We will also support your group in learning how to use the territorial acknowledgment and gaining comfort with this protocol.

Reconciliation planning

For organizations truly committed to systemic change, we recommend reconciliation planning. In this process, we work closely with your organization to assess your current context and goals, and to develop a multi-year plan for promoting reconciliation within your organization. We can then support the implementation of some of the priorities in your plan, as well as help you to develop an infrastructure (staff, advisory committee, etc.) to support the plan over the coming years.

Customized Elder guidance

There is no substitute for direct guidance from Elders. The Elders on our team can support your group by providing advice, sharing their stories, facilitating dialogue, sharing cultural activities, and listening. Elder advice is offered on an hourly basis depending on the needs of your group. Treating Elders with equity and respect is part of our team’s core values. Elders are paid for preparation time, and we also include time for members of our team to support the Elders with administrative and/or technological tasks, so the Elders can focus on sharing their wisdom.

We offer a range of prices on a sliding scale. The prices below are estimates only. To determine exact pricing for your project, contact us to share more about your goals. We will develop a project approach based on your unique needs, taking into account your financial capacity, the number of participants, the scope of the project, and the composition of our team.

2–6 months:

6 months:

1 year:

2 years:

We invite you to join us on this journey.